Singing To The Plants


The serenity of the ocean.

Have had a lovely afternoon sat in the late afternoon sunshine along the North Norfolk coast line.

Nice calm time to relax and reflect after an extremely emotionally draining couple of weeks.

R.I.P Nan. Will always love you and carry your memory in me. You are still here in all the ways I act because of you (thank you!) and when I see the faces of our family I still can see you in everyone who originally came from you. You are still here. Xxx

I hope your nipples crust up and fall off

And I hope that you can one day find enough joy and peace in your own life. Enough so that you don’t feel whatever the need it is you feel now to spit such hate towards another human being whilst mocking their medical condition. Then, for good measure too, I hope that if you wish to express a personal opinion that you can also learn to stop being such a coward who is only doing so behind the anonymity of sending anon messages online.
Good luck x

What's the worst lie you've ever told? Are there things you wish you could go back and change?

When I was a teenager I made out I was way more sexually attracted to a guy I went out with than I was (who I did like, but not as far as on that level) so I could have a boyfriend just to appease my parents after they freaked out so hard about me liking girls after I was forcefully outed without being ready for it. It even went as far as me engaging in sexual stuff with them (my first experience with a guy) and obviously that wasn’t a good idea really :-( but I try not to be too hard on the me at that age and forgive their mistakes because I was just a kid back then really and I was so unhappy and scared of everything and of not having my parents be happy with me.
Other then that I can’t say I have told any great lies or lived any untruths and I try to live my life as honestly and authentically as I possibly can.
I also do not regret anything from my past because it all helped shape the me I am now and that is a me I am happy being. Plus, I don’t really believe in such things as mistakes.. I view it more as a series of different choices and possible outcomes. Not as rights or wrongs.
I also think the universe sometimes puts you through the difficult and testing times so you can grow and evolve and learn lessons.

Can I just say the biggest and most massive thanks to everyone who took the time to inbox me about their eczema experiences and offering their help and advice on what did and didn’t help them.

I have tried a few new things I hadn’t done and bought some of the recommended products too. A couple of people recommended a system of using steroid creams and the spacing of not using it routine and also to try natural hemp based products and oils to help keep the skin strong and healthy.
So far these methods have honestly been the best I have tried out of months and previously years of dealing with this. I am so happy with the progress so far and it’s all thanks to you guys xxxxx

P.s - I finally got to see a doctor too and got some different steroid cream which seems to work a bit better and also now on a waiting list to get proper allergy tests done too, incase they can work out what is causing it. Few people said that dairy and tomatoes seems to aggravate their eczema on here too and I would agree I have noticed a bit of that happening too. So we will see. I have tried to cut it all out a lot though and might experiment with removing it entirely then reintroducing it at a point to see how it goes.

New Decade - Be Ambient

It’s an oldskool sort of morning :-)

Lol I bet you send your self the nice anons

As if! Though I’m sure your hateful and confused mind would relish in thinking so.
I get plenty of nice anon and non anon in my inbox, ta. I have some really damn amazing and lovely followers who, unlike whoever you are, are compassionate, kind, loving and beautiful souls.
I don’t need to write compliments to myself on an online blog (I can tell myself these to myself in real life if I want to!).

Why have you've assumed everyone who dislikes you is just unhappy with their life? Also you really do backtrack on the things you said. The suicide thing definitely didn't read as tongue in cheek and even if it was that's completly distasteful.

I haven’t assumed that all people who dislike me are unhappy with their lives and would not expect everyone to like me (I have just assumed that the people sending me a ridiculous amount of spam bollox, like you are, in my inbox and taking time out of their day to do so are clearly not happy with themselves and lives.. Sorry, but happy people with love in their hearts feel absolutely zero need to do this.)
and I haven’t back tracked. Nowhere have I back tracked. I can read back at what is written and there is no back tracking.
And yeah, that was distasteful with being tongue in cheek, for sure. Though I am not the first person to use terms like ‘arghh I wanna top myself’ , ‘throw my self in front of a bus’ ‘I wanna curl up and just die’ etc etc to articulate negative feelings like that without literally meaning they would like to die and plan to end their life over something. Seriously, I would wager even you have muttered something along those lines before. You are just desperately trying to pick at things now and really need to stop channeling your negative energy here.

Be crumbled.
So wild flowers will come up where you are.
You have been stony for too many years.
Try something different.
Rumi (via yeshecholwa)
In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.
Alice Walker   (via wordsnquotes)