Singing To The Plants
If you have an ask button asking 'what's on your mind?' People are going to tell you. Replying takes up a lot more of your energy and time then it takes the person to write 'hate' mail

Very true :-)
I should just ignore it but I guess it’s not in my nature to not say something back and I feel I should reply to all mail sent to me regardless of content since someone took the time to write. I type really fast so it doesn’t take me long to actually form and send any replies to things and it is different to respond to something sent to you then it is to actually go out of your way to send something to someone in the first place too.
But yeah, fuck it! I probably need to learn to ignore some people though and not feel the need to reply :-)

Hmmm very interesting that I notice one of the nice anons I got last night (that I answered) seemingly looks, now I read back, to be written in the sort of way I would write with only .. And not … After something and with writing thing/and this. So if you are trying to now write me fake nice anons to look as though I’ve written them to myself or something and prove your previous ridiculous accusation then please just get a life. You need a new hobby!
I’m not stupid and I can see what you doing! Or if I am being paranoid and that was a genuinely nice one and you just happen to write a bit like how I type then sorry :-s

Erghhh hope I am just being paranoid and it is being too early -_-
hello there :) so good to see/read that you're doing better! i'm sorry for your loss. having you around in the family must be pretty calming or comforting though (don't know how to call it really). it's impressive how you deal with all the hate you recieve. but i kinda see why you would keep putting yourself through that. reading your replies to those sad souls seems like a good way for you to repeatly narrow down your own beliefs/philosophy-for yourself and a receptive audience like me...

Ah, Well spotted and perceived ;-)
BINGO! Kudos on that.. I’m well impressed because yeah, you are totally correct. That is very much the reason I answer to them and do not just ignore it.
Also thank you for the thoughts too. It hasn’t been as easy time recently.
Much love x

Are ball gags fun? and if so why?

Yes :-)
Use your imagination.

Have you ever sent/had the inclination to send hate mail? I've thought about it before when I was angry, is that normal? :/

Yeah sure. When I was younger. But I only sent hateful mail to people I actually knew and who had personally upset me in my life. I do not get the sending it to a stranger thing though.
If I ever expressed a negative opinion or felt I had something to say to someone I didn’t personally know online I would not hide like a coward behind anon either. If you have an opinion and you feel it right/you are standing by your own personal convictions and you wish to express it.. then you should not have to hide yourself in doing so.

Agate, petrified wood & blue quartz! :)

I already answered the last two :-)

Agate - I see myself as a work in progress. The same as everyone else.

Fire opal?x

Fire opal: The vision I have for my personal future involves creating a home and space for me and some loved ones to live in as a communal living system where we are free to be ourselves, self sufficient to a high degree, creative, full of energy and fun, and positive and all supportive to one another as a family.
Also, for me to continue to work on myself to grow as a person and evolve into the best expression of myself possible and continue to pursue my personal passions and studies and share that passion and knowledge with others. I would also like to travel and plan on getting myself a vehicle to make this possible.
As for a vision for the future in general- I would like to see humanity come to a point of deeper understanding and kindness to one another as a species and to the rest of the planet. I would like is to shed our need for something’s and remember what is really important and for the corruption and greed to stop. There is enough for all and there should not be the sort of suffering there is going on still.

Amethyst, Kunzite, White calcite :)

Amethyst: Not anywhere near enough as I should. I am making a habit of trying to do so more.

kunzite: Being out amongst nature grounds me or getting lost in a piece of music at a party also grounds me well.

White calcite: I go to my family. (Not always of blood, but very much family) and I go to myself and look inwards for answers and seeking to understand things.

blue quartz, charoite, kyanite, petrified wood aaand turquoise!♥

Blue Quartz: Five things that make me happy are-
1. Nature
2. Music
3. Gaining and sharing knowledge
4. My loved ones
5. Freedom

Charoite: I feel safest either in the arms of someone I deeply care for.

Kyanite: Everyone I encounter has something they teach me. For the most lessons though it is those who I have spent the most time with.

Petrified wood: I remember original life before any other type of life. The source.

Turquoise: I have had to learn to let go of pain and anger towards others in the past. I had to learn that sometimes.. just because you are hurting, that it doesn’t always mean that person meant to hurt you.

Crystal questions!
Agate: How do you see yourself?
Amethyst: How often do you meditate?
Blue Quartz: List five things that make you happy.
Carnelian: Tell us a story about when you were strong.
Celestite: What is your ambition in life?
Charoite: Where do you feel safest?
Fire Opal: What is your vision for the future?
Fluorite: What have you been focused on lately?
Garnet: What have your emotions been lately?
Golden Calcite: Are you healing from anything at the moment?
Hessonite: What is a current goal of yours?
Kunzite: What grounds you?
Kyanite: Who has taught you the most in life?
Malachite: How do you best express yourself?
Petalite: List the steps of an ordinary day of yours.
Petrified Wood: Do you remember any your past lives?
Quartz Crystal: Who do you feel most supported by?
Red Jasper: Do you consider yourself grounded?
Ruby: Who are you most connected to?
Smokey Quartz: Are you protective?
Spirit Quartz: Who do you consider family?
Tiger's Eye: Tell us a pain from your past.
Titanium Quartz: Do you consider yourself open-minded?
Turquoise: Tell us about a lesson you've learned.
White Calcite: Where do you go for guidance?