Singing To The Plants

Wild flower salad and green smoothie for dinner :-)

Made with borage flower, common mallow, cornflower petals and poppy petals

#2 multiple grape inappropriate fruit eating party trick.

I recently learnt I could do it with multiple things when very merry at a mates party . So much win!

(I don’t think I’m showing you the banana one hahaha)


Whilst it’s birthday themed (looking forward to partying) I will leave you all with inappropriate fruit eating party tricks ;-p

#1 whole strawberry

Gone away

Just wanted to apologise to people following me for the lack of activity on here. The truth is that I’ve been very ill and have been focusing my energies on getting better and sorting out my life and healing.
I am starting to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now and hopefully things will continue to improve.
I am turning 27 on Saturday and hoping this will mark a new year of my life and some very big changes. Changes might be scary, difficult.. Even painful at first but ultimately change is good :-)
Just wanted to let you know I haven’t vanished off the face of the earth and I do intend to come back ASAP. Just please be patient with me until then. I have so much stuff I wish to share with you all and will look forward to updating properly and answering mail soon.

Love you guys xxx

Beautiful sunsets of my homelands.

Beautiful sunsets of my homelands.

Summer daze…

'You're, not your'? How about 'through' not 'trough'? I don't think you really have the right, (though you certainly seem to have the childishness and pettiness), to correct anyone after some of the atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes you've made. It's funny how you try to act as though you're above lashing out like a child though.

Haha. I think I did that quite obviously childishly and to just playfully wind you up. ;-p
hardly serious. Get a grip.
Yeah my spelling and grammar is shit and especially because I type on a phone and have fails with it all the time.
Hahaha. You’re jokes x

Allergy prick test results.


Severely allergic to a type of mould
Found in damp buildings. So, finally after all this hell I paid to go private and have an answer for what is causing my eczema and a host of other issues.
Basically, I am allergic to my office. FFS!! This is what happens when you work in a damp basement for over two years with no ventilation and spend most your time there :-( I have been having my system constantly poisoned and attacked by this all that time and the reactions gradually becoming more and more violent to try and deal with the allergy. My entire system is totally fucked and poisoned and my immune system a mess. BOLLOX!!

Erghhhh. I still love fungi but this does suck :-s

Also mild allergy to latex (I already knew this) and slight one to cats, tree pollen and housedust mites.. Though the last three are common in most and not really an issue unless I get exposed to tons of the stuff. On a plus side I am happy I am not allergic to any foods. Such a relief!!

Need to hurry up and move so I can leave my job. Please dear god I need to find another house soon. (To explain- I did have one before but I got gazumped like a week before I was meant to sign contracts because estate agents are scum and the laws in this country are crap).

Foraged St George’s mushroom and one very early field mushroom. 

Dinner for this evening :-)

Foraged St George’s mushroom and one very early field mushroom.

Dinner for this evening :-)

Jews ear (aka wood ear).

Jews ear (aka wood ear).